Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I'm Better! Wait, Nope.

I am just seriously pissed off right now. Except I'm also kind of laughing at myself. 

On Friday I came down with a horrible strep infection and it hit me so hard and so quickly. One minute I felt alright, the next I was in agony. Swollen, red, bleeding throat. Neck pain. Head pain. Body aches. Fever. It sucked. But then I started antibiotics on Sunday, which still suck because they make me nauseous BUT my throat and body are feeling a lot better. Here's the thing, if you have chronic pain I think you'll understand this: When you go through a bad flare whether that be from infection or seemingly random and it finally ends, sometimes you feel like "Oh I'm better."

Better. Ha. Except for the fact that we are chronically ill. But we feel better for a moment because we're no longer at a 9 on the pain scale. 

Because I was feeling soooo much better today after a good sleep, I had a nice long shower and was suddenly inspired to clean my entire bathroom. So I scrubbed the shower from top to bottom, washed out the tub and all the bottles in it, cleaned the toilet inside and out, washed the sink, counter and mirror. I did it all. 

After all the cleaning, I figured I should take a break. So, I sat down and did some Pinterest-ing, had dinner and listened to music. I got back up to get my bedding out of the dryer (because yes, I also stripped my bed and washed all of my bedding) and I just about fell over. This pain developed started in my left hip all the way down to my foot. It's been two hours now and it still hasn't let up, it's just getting worse. But I need a bed to sleep in tonight, so I went back downstairs and made my bed and got my duvet cover on (which is not an easy task). I ended up putting away my laundry too and tidying up my room. Which makes me now just want to die.

Yeah.... I'm not better. Haha. Which is why I'm laughing at myself. As I was showering earlier I was listening to my new favourite song and singing along and feeling so happy, like I was on top of the world. I was thinking about all the things I want to do this year and pretending like I actually had a life and friends to hang out with. And now I'm just in the middle of this rude awakening, wrapping my leg in a heating pad and popping muscle relaxants; wondering if it would be worth the cost to buy another two heating pads so my entire leg and foot could be wrapped up in the soothing warmth. 

Ahhhhh, the life of us chronic illness folks is just such a strange adventure. *cue my laughter at my dumb self for thinking I was better*

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