Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Crazy Little Thing Called PRE-OP

Pre-Op is always a strange time. There's appointments, medical history, blood tests and then theres actually the time you need to pass before the surgery. Which for me has included sleeping as much as possible, trying to eat, and lots of netflix. Greys Anatomy to be specific. In cases like this surgery can be a very exciting time because it gives us hope. So we anxiously await the day that we will be sliced into and fixed up inside because it's hopefully going to make us feel a heck of a lot better than we do now. We know that post-op isn't fun or enjoyable and that it will be painful and that yes, I'll probably puke a few times and will be super uncomfortable; but that pain is nothing, it's almost joyful compared to the pain that we went under to try to prevent. We spend all of this time looking forward to surgery, awaiting this thing that might finally bring us some relief. Then, when it's finally here, right around the corner -- I freak out a little. Maybe it's because I watch Greys Anatomy and I know how many things can go wrong in even the simplest of surgeries or maybe it's because I've spend so much time thinking about how great it's going to be that my brain wants to point out some negatives as well. Whatever the reason may be, the anxiety has gotten to me a little. Which means for the next 22 hours I will be trying to distract myself from all things surgery until I wake up tomorrow morning and head to the hospital. Which really is the most nerve racking part. 

So, I've decided to make a list of things I'm going to do today to prepare for surgery and to keep myself busy/distracted until then..

Here it goes..

- Do plenty of word searches and crosswords (seriously invest in a book, it's worth it)
- Eat to my fill until this evening when I am no longer allowed to eat
- Set up my post-surgery hang out spot filled with magazines, chargers, laptop, books, gatorade, etc.
- Pinterest (the best procrastinating and distracting tool we have!!!)
- Make another list of things I will do when I finally begin to feel better post-surgery and recovery!
- Take a nice relaxing bubble bath
- Wash all my bedding so it smells lovely and fresh while I prepare to sleep in it A LOT

So, if you have any post surgery tips or any entertainment for me, pass it along! I'd love to hear it!

Update coming as soon as possible!

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