Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pressing On

I would love to say that over the past week things have improved but sadly, this life is not always what we had hoped it would be. The last two days in particular, and today, have been agonizing. I did think for about a day that maybe things were improving. I had been having sudden onsets of menstrual and pelvic pain that would last hours at a time, then would leave. Then would come again a couple days later. But I had a lull for a few days and figured maybe the worst was over. 

I went to work as usual and within the first hour of getting there I got a pain that doubled me over and sent me running to restroom. Since then I've had almost constant pain. Here's the thing, I am on a continual birth control pill which makes it so I do not get a menstrual cycle whatsoever; at least that's whats supposed to be happening. Except now I am having menstrual pain, not just for a few days at a time, but constant. Every day. Now being paired with ovarian cysts and sudden bleeds as well.

Along with all of this crap that has been going on even after surgery I need to start pursuing the other array of symptoms I've had, which is everything from pelvic pain, jaw pain, to numbness and tingling, to insomnia and blurred vision. I am a complete mess.

I've spent too many years accepting what my doctor's have said and not looking into things on my own. I am determined to feel better and I am determined to figure things out. Even if that mean's going to doctor after doctor to find a solution and a diagnosis. I want to thank some wonderful people, you know who you are, from various support groups who have encouraged me to continue pursuing a proper diagnosis. I honestly could not continue on without my support group friends; you have all helped me immensely. 

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