Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Little Something Good

So today, I experienced my own little miracle and I just feel like I 
need to share.

So, as some of you know, I've been experiencing some pretty scary 
symptoms lately that we don't have an explanation for. Thinking it 
could be neurological, my doctor referred me out to have an MRI 
of the brain and cervical spine. I was told I'd likely have to wait 
four months for the MRI. It ended up being scheduled for February 
10th. Last night, in a moment of sadness, feeling like I had hit rock 
bottom; I decided to try to pray and basically just yelled at God and 
told him that I needed him to show up because it's really been 
feeling like he's not here at all. I bawled my eyes out and just felt so 
hopeless and stressed about having to wait so long to get some 
answers. I ended up flipping through my bible a little and then 
going to bed.

This morning, I woke up and there was a leaf on my pillow. The 
same leaf that is usually tucked in my bible pages at Psalm 23 (The 
Lord is my shepherd..etc.). I thought this was maybe a coincidence 
but either way, slightly comforting. As I was heading out the door 
later, I got a call from the hospital. They were calling to confirm 
my MRI for this Saturday. I made her check and double check 
because my appointment was scheduled for February. She came 
back on after talking to the doctor and said that they decided this 
morning to take all day Saturday to do MRIs and my appointment 
was in fact, this Saturday. In three days. Not three months.

I know to some, this may seem just coincidental but to me, this is 
the moment that has started to restore my faith that God is still here 
and he still cares. I no longer have to wait three long months that 
would have been filled with stress and worry.

I want to encourage you all to remember that even in your most 
hopeless and darkest moments; God still cares. He hears you.

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