Friday, January 16, 2015

The ER Is So Much Cooler On TV

To sum up the last few days, the word I would use is overwhelming. Three hospital trips in the last 7 days and a ridiculous amount of stress. Sometimes I don't realize the effect that stress has on me until I'm in over my head. On Wednesday, I was debating going to the hospital again because I've had a very sore spot in the back of my knee with a raised spot and blue discolouration. I was having cramping in my knee, calf and thigh. There was heaviness in my chest and every time I exerted myself in any way, I was gasping for air. I began to get a cramping and what felt like a muscle twitch in the center of my chest. Needless to say, it was a little terrifying.

One of the things my Endometriosis specialist had warned me of when I started the medication 'Visanne', was the possibility of blood clots. Hormonal medication can have that effect for some reason. I had almost all of the tell-tale symptoms of a blood clot. Plus, I was on a plane just a few weeks ago, which can add to the possible-bloodclot-equation. I went to the hospital, not mentioning any worry of a bloodclot, and just told them what symptoms I was having. I had an x-ray and was told I have 'tendonitis'. Which is just bull. Sorry, doc. The symptoms got worse, more painful and the heaviness in my chest and shortness of breath started. I called telehealth to see whether or not I should go to the hospital, or wait it out. They suggested that I needed an ambulance to come get me. I decided to pass on the ambulance, not wanting a big scene, and I felt like I could handle it. The stress of knowing that a doctor had just told me that I should probably be in an ambulance freaked me right out though. Which made breathing even more difficult. I called my mom and by the time she picked me up and drove me to the hospital, I felt like I could barely talk because it wasted so much breath.

This time at the ER,  I expressed my concern of a blood-clot because the symptoms were becoming much more prominent and even if it wasn't a blood-clot, it could be ruled out and we could move on to something else. Now after this whole experience, I officially hate the Bracebridge ER. If someone has 9 out of 10 symptoms of a bloodclot and is on medication that specifically warns them to keep an eye out for blood-clot symptoms; they should probably be tested for a blood-clot. The doctor I saw refused to test me for a blood clot, for the one reason being that my leg was not swollen. Yet, 50% of people who have bloodclots that cause pulmonary embolism and death, do not have ANY symptoms. Not swelling, redness, pain in the leg/knee/etc. Instead the pain in the back of my leg and knee was pinned on fibromyalgia (because apparently that's an excuse for any kind of pain) and my chest pain was blamed on acid reflux and stress. I can see how these things could be true. But this pain was different than I've ever experienced.

Now, I am not claiming to know more than a doctor. I want that to be clear. But what I can't understand, is that if someone has reason to believe that they may have a certain condition or something going on in their body, why not just ease their mind and test them? And how terrible would you feel, being the doctor who refused to test someone for a blood-clot and sent them home, then they later suffered from a pulmonary embolism and died. Just because you would not test them. I understand that tests cause the hospital money and it takes up time, but you are the only person who knows what it feels like to be inside of your body. If you feel that there is something wrong, you have every right to get it checked out.

I still haven't gotten anywhere with this issue. The pain is still present and I'm still confused as to what it could be. I want this to be clear: I am not a hypochondriac. I am simply someone who knows that her body is very susceptible to health-problems and I am on multiple medications that can complicate my health more than they help it sometimes. It's really hard to feel like no one even believes that you are really in pain. Especially when you're scared. I just want to encourage anyone to pursue help if you feel that something is really wrong. It's always better to safe than sorry. In conclusion, since I haven't figured out what is going on with my body yet, I'm going to keep pursuing this until I find out what the cause is or at least find something that eases the pain. If you come across a doctor that won't listen or is stubborn about your pain, find a new one. Get a second opinion. If the ER won't help, go to your family doctor, or a walk-in doctor. If you don't feel assured, then find someone who WILL assure you and work things out with you. It's worth it.

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